Saturday, 5 October 2013

Leaders' Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch

On my last trip to one of Korea's beauty supply store, I picked up a few things..
One of those was Leaders' Vita Bright Skin Renewal Sheet Mask which I reviewed.
(Click link for review)
In a word, it was amazeballs.

So this time, I'm reviewing the eye mask that I bought on the trip;
Leaders' Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch.

The packaging is comprehensive enough..
I mean, it's obvious that it's an eye mask and you get a basic idea on the benefits of using it. (+Points)
Plus, it does look very clinical & professional. To me, that's definitely a plus point.
I don't trust shady looking products. (+Points)
But again, I have no idea what's in the mask since I can't read Korean. Bummer. (-Points)

PRODUCT: 4.5/5
The trouble I have with eye masks is that you can't really see a significant difference after every use. 
I absolutely LOVE the cool sensation when it's under my eyes, but I have no idea whether it really does help with eyebags/ wrinkles since I don't really have them. Ha!
I just love using eye masks!
So I'm guessing, if I don't have eyebags/ wrinkles when some of my friends do, I must be doing SOMETHING right..
One thing I am a huge fan of though, is the new silicone technology!
(OK, it's not THAT new, but for some unknown reason, you don't really get them here in Malaysia)
I just prefer the silicone masks because it just settles on your skin much better.
It stays put and doesn't slip & slide as you do things around the house. 
It actually shrinks as your skin absorbs the essence in the silicone. 
(Which is quite fun. I like the fact that you can actually SEE the mask work)

PRICING: 3.5/5
To be honest, I have NO IDEA how much a set costs here in Malaysia.
I've been searching for these gel masks for quite a bit now and none are sold at prices that I'm comfortable with. 
I got these in Korea & am mentally flying kicking myself for not getting more.
They were just about... RM 6 a pair. (Less I think..)
A bargain I think from going to the spa for a hydrogel mask. (That would set you back about RM 20)

If I ever get the chance, I would. 
For the right price, of course. 
But since it's so bloody hard to get here, I foresee that it'll be quite a feat to get them. Gah!

Truth to be told, Leaders just gained a fan for life!
I am so impressed with their products and I'll definitely keep buying (and also trying new products) from them. 
Me thinks a trip to Korea is in order..

Till next time, 
Reina Lum

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