Thursday, 13 June 2013

Review: Daiso's Pure Moisture Mask Sheet

We've all heard about Daiso.
I myself am a huge fan of Daiso (I often go just to marvel at all the random things the Japanese come up with!) 
And I have to admit, some of the things they sell are well worth the RM 5.
So when I saw that they also have sheet masks, I thought "What's the harm in trying right?".
And for the record, I am a HUGE fan of sheet masks. 
Find good ones and they will work wonders on your skin!
So I picked this up (There were about 3 choices for you to choose from) and it's only RM 5 for 2 sheets.

The packaging looks legit enough. 
It says it's made in Korea and all. 
As usual, the English directions makes me laugh but that hardly gives me warning signs because some of the best brands from Korea/Japan display horrible English on their products (Tip!).

So after a shower, washing my face and putting on some toner, I took the mask out of the fridge (just for a slight chill coz I just like it that way) and used it as per usual.
The consistency of the essence was a little bit too runny for my liking. 
Too much like water.
Sticky water. (>.<)"
After 3 or so hours (I know,but I just like to leave it on longer coz it doesn't bother me), I took it off and massaged the residue essence into my skin. 
I didn't see or feel any visible changes right after (which is also normal) and went to sleep.
The AFTERMATH of the product was horrible. At first, small zits started appearing. 
But it went away as fast as it came.
I thought that it was just a one off effect so I tried it a second time.
BAD idea. Though my skin didn't act up that much but whiteheads did appear. (I believe the Malays call them 'jerawat nasi'). Plus, a zit appeared on my left cheek too! *Cries*
I immediately went into 'repair' mode and used my trusted brands and skin care routines to get my skin back to the way it was. 
It did in about 4 days. So there's really no permanent damage.

REPURCHASING: (Personally, hell NO.) 0/5 
Yes it's cheap. But so are other better performing brands. There's a possibility that it just doesn't work well on MY skin but why risk it? 
One bad experience is enough for me, thankyouverymuch!

Bad results aside, I have to admit that for sheet masks, these are WAY cheap. But really, why not just add a buck or two and get the great results you crave??

Till next time.
Reina Lum

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