Saturday, 28 September 2013

Review: Revlon Colorstay Creme Foundation

Hello friends,

   Recently I have been travelling a lot for work commitment. It is an event where I have to be under the sun for a long period of time. Other than having a good sunblock it is really important for me to have a good foundation that stays long on the skin since I will surrounded by heat and of course taking a lot of photos (Plus I dont have time to do touch ups).

  I have been trying a lot of foundations recently but honestly nothing can beat the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation. Although the setting sprays might be one of the reason that held the foundation well on my skin (reviews coming up soon!) or pressed powder, but personally I think the major contributor will still be this whipped creme foundation.

  To start off, this foundation is in whipped creme texture. It is light on the skin and you do not need a ton of it to achieve flawless coverage. I personally am in LOVE with this foundation for it's texture and coverage provided. You just need a little bit of the product for your whole face. I recommend you guys to apply this foundation with a flat top brush or foundation brush as it distribute the product more evenly as well as more coverage.

  As for the staying power, honestly I think it does stays longer than 24 hours. I wore this foundation from 6am to 11 pm and it stays perfectly well (I know did not test it for 24 hours but I mean who wears foundation that long right?). I am not sure whether the pressed powder helps but I don't think a bad foundation will stays longer than this whipped foundation even with the help of pressed powder.

  This foundation however comes in only 4 shades. I know, I am quite shocked at first for the shades offered. But I guess we have to work with what we have right? I am in a shade "Nude" which is a bit lighter than my skintone, but since the shades next to nude is too dark for me, I went with nude instead. No worries, with a little help from the pressed powder and blusher, it worked well on me.

 The other thing that I love about this foundation is that it comes in a beautiful packaging (although it is not travel friendly). It is packaged in a glass jar and it is decently heavy.


Availability : Available at the 3 main drugstores in Malaysia (watsons, guardian and caring). 5/5 
Available shades : Limited. Only 4 shades. 2/5
Coverage : Full coverage. 5/5
Scent : Mild scent. 3.5/5
Lasting power : Long lasting. Can stay up to 16 hours for a person who has a very oily skin like I do. 4.5/5
Packaging : Beautiful glass jar however it is not travel friendly. 2.5/5
Price : A little expensive (RM69.90). 3/5

Friday, 13 September 2013

Leaders' Vita Bright Skin Renewal Sheet Mask

When it comes to the best beauty products out there, I've learnt that the best way to find out is by try & error. Or by a trusty reviewer but most don't have the balls to tell it as it is.

Which brings me to this little miracle in a packet. 
Shopping in the beauty isle of a Korean beauty supply store can seriously confuse you.
Especially since 95% of the descriptions are in Korean. 

Tip: When in doubt, get something that's a best seller. If people keeps buying them, there's a good chance that it really does work.

Another Tip: Don't bother asking the sales girls (or in my case, guys) unless they are known to give sound advice (But really, not all of them are bad). The thing is, they are pre-programmed to sell you stuff. Often times, stuff that isn't that good.. Ask other shoppers instead! You'll be surprised to see how much your fellow shoppers know. And you can bet that they will give you a frank opinion on a product. 

So a Korean girl said "You should try this. Leaders. Very good".
She was cute. So I believed her. Mehehe.
I bought 3 packets of Leaders' Vita Bright Skin Renewal Sheet Mask.
A box of their hydro eye masks.
And also their Teatree Relaxing Facial Cleanser. 

So here's my review on Leaders' Vita Bright Skin Renewal Sheet Mask:

It looked promising enough. 
Even a person with ZERO comprehension of the Korean language could basically understand what it is and what it's for. So kudos for being somewhat accommodating to international buyers! (+points)
But I have no idea what's in it. (-points)
As you can see, the back of the packet explains the product in great detail. Never in my life had I wished so hard that I could read Korean.. (Since I bought this in Korea, it's not really fair for me to -points because of this). 


I have never given such high praise on a product before.
So you can bet that this was REALLY good.
The first thing that I thought was interesting was the quality of the sheet mask itself. It was paper thin.
This is a good thing.
It maximizes the absorption of the serum (the serum is not wasted on the sheet itself), it fit snugly on my face (you can't even tell where the mask starts and ends!) and there was quite a lot of essence in the packet.
I ended up pouring the leftover essence bit by bit on the mask as it starts to absorb. Bliss!
When it's all dried, I took it off, did my little patting routine to get all the essence in my skin and I couldn't stop caressing my face!
It was so smooooooooooooooth!
My skin did not magically get a tone lighter or anything (let's be realistic here) but it did make my skin appear more luminous.
The redness from budding acne vanished and the next morning, the budding acne are GONE!
My only regret was that I only got 3 packets!!!


PRICING: 3.5/5
I would have given it a 4 if the price I bought it for in Korea is the same price it is sold here in Malaysia. I think I bought it for about RM 6 a pack. (Ps: This was also before the Malaysian currency dropped).
I'm happy to report that some major beauty retailers do sell them. I saw some in both Caring & Watsons, Sunway Pyramid. BUT it was selling for almost RM 9 a pack. Meh.
In my honest opinion, it's still a fair price to pay.
As I said before, an amazing product is worth the extra penny.
What's the point of buying 10 packs of slightly cheaper ones when 3 packs of these miracle packs gives you the same results right?

In a heartbeat.
I adore this product.

Till next time my beauty junkies!
Reina Lum

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Beauty DIY: Shape & Maintain Your Own Eyebrows (+ Tips!)

For so long, I have always feared shaping my own eyebrows. 
Because if I mess it up, it's gonna be a mistake plastered on my FACE!
And I HATE drawing on eyebrows. I don't even wear make up to work for god's sake :(
But I've learnt a fool proof way to do it.
So that none of you end up like this...

In response to online requests, 
here's my personal guide to shaping & maintaining your own eyebrows.

I use a 3 step guideline to figure out my natural lines. 
(Natural line makes the best shaped-but-natural-looking brows)
Step 1: Where your brow starts (no more unibrows! Yay!)
Step 2: Where your arch should be
Step 3: Where your brows ends

For a full and detailed tutorial, check out our latest video.

*Here's the full video*

I tried to squeeze in as much tips as I can in less than 8 minutes..
They range from the differences of an eyeliner & browliner to
how to tweeze without torturing yourself!
Oh, and I welcome feedback.

Reina Lum