Sunday, 18 August 2013

How To Bleach Your Hair From Black To Blonde

Hi peeps!
So people have been asking me how I do my client's hair..
So here's the tutorial!
I hope that this will be especially helpful to those who are not in the same state as I am 
& can't book sessions with me.
For more details & appointments, email me!
(ps: I used Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleaching Kit (Vol 40) & Virgin Snow White Toner)

Till next time.

Reina Lum

Thursday, 15 August 2013

The body shop gloves

Hey readers,

    Did any of you guys suffer rough or scaly skin? Or maybe stubborn scars around your body? Sometimes body lotion, scar serum or body butter is not enough. It takes more than that. 

    In order for products to absorb better, you need something to exfoliate your skin to remove all the dead cells laying on top of your skin. Thus you need an 'exfoliator'. 

    I have always been a fan of exfoliator and believe it or not, i exfoliate daily. I feel more clean and you waste lesser product as you need the tiniest amount to apply on top of your skin. 

   My personal favorite is from the body shop. It act similar to loofah. It does not irritate my skin and my skin feel super smooth the second I used it on my body skin.   I believe it is safe to be used everyday (don't quote me as I am not an expert).

It comes with a lot of colorful colors. And it is really affordable. It retails for rm15.90 and you can get this at any the body shop outlets. And the other good thing about this gloves is it is very durable and holds on for quite some time. But I suggest to change it every 3 months for hygiene purpose.

                                            Nurul Gan