Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beauty Tips & Tricks: The Eye Liner

Eyeliners are tricky things. They can highlight your beautiful eyes and make you look like a sultry temptress or downgrade you to looking like a panda on crack. So I went on the net and asked you girls what your eyeliner problems were, and came up with a few personal tips that definitely helped me avoid any eyeliner woes.

1.       DON’T use pencil liners if you need more than 12 hours’ coverage.

Pencil liners are good for smoky eyes and that soft sexy outline that you’d want on dates. But wear it for more than 10 hours and you’ll notice that it will start to run down your eyes. This is especially bad since most of us already have eyebags. No need to add smudged eyeliner to the mess. Looking like you have just been punched is not attractive.

2.       DO use lasting eyeliners like liquid liners for lasting coverage.

I personally find liquid liners awesome for work. It just looks just as fresh at the end of the day. I’ve been using in-2-it liquid liners for the past 6 years. I absolutely love their thin brushes & at just RM 15, I don’t feel the pinch when I have to get a new one.

3.       DO set your pencil & gel liner.

So you think that the only thing that needs setting is your foundation? Think again girls! Here’s a quick & helpful tip to make sure that your liner doesn’t leak all over your face:

Step 1: prep your lids. It’s not that hard. Just dab a little bit of BB Crème or eyeshadow primer on your lids. How this helps? Well, as you continue with your day, you’ll notice your lids getting oily. This in turn, will cause your liner to smudge. Prepping your lids will keep the oil at bay!

Step 2: draw it up! Wing it or cat it, it doesn’t matter. This is the step where you draw in your lines.

Step 3: Now that you have your lovely even lines, it’s time to set your eyeliner. My trick is to simply grab a blending eyeshadow brush, swipe some loose powder (or compact, that works fine too), tap off the excess powder and lightly set your eyeliner with it. It also creates an effortless matte look.

Warning: If you plan to go for the ‘wet’ look, setting is not the way to go. In fact, just opt for a liquid liner.. It’ll save you time & a whole lot of effort.
Ta-dah! You’re done!

4.       DO use small soft strokes when drawing in your eyeliner.

I’m sure you’ve seen this funny picture floating around online.

But let me assure you, the pain is REAL!
A surefire way to fix this is by simply using small light strokes. This is especially helpful with beginners.

Another great tip is to NOT finish one eye before starting on the other. Most girls have problems creating the perfect flick for both eyes. So a tip is to line your lash line on both sides and use small light strokes for your flicks. Going back and forth between left & right eye to get the perfect balance.
I know… It will be troublesome and it takes slightly more time. But trust me, if you’re not a pro at this, TAKE THE TIME. Because being late is better than looking like you have unevenly sized eyes.

5.       DO work within your means.

Eyeliners are no joke. I honestly think it that it took me the longest to learn how to master. With that said, please learn the basics before venturing into harder territories. We don’t wanna poke our own eye out right?? I always say, start with pencil liners. The reasons are easy:

a)      It’s hard tip makes it easier to maneuver.
b)      The ‘small light strokes’ technique works best with pencil liners. This is because simple pressure makes a difference. Unlike liquid liners, which applies just as bold regardless of how delicate you apply it.
c)       It’s easiest to smudge or wipe off. Those who have tried to fix liquid liners will understand. It is almost impossible to do without make up remover and then.. you end up removing too much and smudging anyways. Dang it! Pencil liners are much more forgiving. In desperate times, even cleaning up with your fingers will do.

I hope these tips helped. Especially to the newbies out there! 
Till next time!


Reina Lum