Saturday, 7 September 2013

Beauty DIY: Shape & Maintain Your Own Eyebrows (+ Tips!)

For so long, I have always feared shaping my own eyebrows. 
Because if I mess it up, it's gonna be a mistake plastered on my FACE!
And I HATE drawing on eyebrows. I don't even wear make up to work for god's sake :(
But I've learnt a fool proof way to do it.
So that none of you end up like this...

In response to online requests, 
here's my personal guide to shaping & maintaining your own eyebrows.

I use a 3 step guideline to figure out my natural lines. 
(Natural line makes the best shaped-but-natural-looking brows)
Step 1: Where your brow starts (no more unibrows! Yay!)
Step 2: Where your arch should be
Step 3: Where your brows ends

For a full and detailed tutorial, check out our latest video.

*Here's the full video*

I tried to squeeze in as much tips as I can in less than 8 minutes..
They range from the differences of an eyeliner & browliner to
how to tweeze without torturing yourself!
Oh, and I welcome feedback.

Reina Lum 

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