Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Guide to Bleaching & Coloring Your Jet Black Hair. Part 3: The Coloring Session

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Right after drying off my hair, (Tip: DON’T use heat to dry your hair at this point. In fact, for the first week, stay away from the styling tools! Let your hair rest and regain it’s moisture level. Using heat tools will only strip it away) I simply rubbed in Manic Panic’s Semi Permanent hair dye into my hair.
Here’s the consistency of the hair dye:

It’s basically a crème based dye and you can simply massage in into your hair and leave it in your hair till you get the effect you’re looking for. Yes, you heard me right. Leave it on as long as you want. This dye is vegan so it’s even used on children.  The time spent in your locks will only effect the intensity of the color. Here’s a great plus, it also moisturises as it colors! So after rinsing, you don’t even have to condition!

As for colors, I used Purple Haze on the most part of the bottom of my hair and Mystic Amethyst for my ends. Here’s some pictures to show you how my hair turned out!

I twisted my hair in tight coils just to show you how healthy my hair remained even after the bleaching and coloring.

And you can pretty much tell the real color of my hair by contrasting it to my skin.

Overall, I’m stoked with the results!

It’s semi permanent and would last up to 4 to 6 weeks on your hair but the large jars have a lot of product so you can just reapply when you need to. I personally think it’s a plus for those who can’t commit to extreme hair color permanently, especially to university students whose Uni still dictates the ‘acceptable’ color of your own hair. Meh. 

But hey, even the ‘permanent’ colors wash away so I can’t really see what the difference is. The only downside is that Manic Panic is not available in Malaysia. I had to import it via Avant La Mode’s Personal Shopper service. If you ever wanna get any of Manic Panic’s products, Just email Or visit

I hope this helps babes!

Reina Lum

Editor of the Fashion Reps

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