Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hair Care Tips: Hair Ampoules

As some of you might know, I am on the road to having pastel purple hair. *Suppress excitement!* 
And since I have virgin (never before treated) jet black hair I have no choice but to bleach my hair first.
Yeah, yeah.
I know what it does to your hair.
But having bleached hair does not mean that you're sending your locks to predetermined doom. 
You just have to know how to take care of it.
My personal favorite go-to products are HAIR AMPOULES.
Let me break it down for you;

  1. Hair Ampoules comes in different types. Some are leave on while others needs to be washed off. And just like any other hair care products, you can buy those suiting your hair problems. 
  2. These are the SAME treatments that you spend a small fortune on in salons.
  3. They are amazing coz of it's nano ingredients. Translation: It penetrates your hair much better.
  4. After using it for less than a month, my bleached hair returned to it's manageable state. Which is amazing considering I mistakenly used crap bleach for my hair (I'll write about that later). 
  5. They (personally) give much better effects than most of the treatments I've tried. 
  1. They also cost a lil more than your average serum/leave on conditioner. A tiny bottle might set you back RM 10 to RM 50 each depending on the brand you prefer. But then, salons will charge you up to RM 50- RM 300 per session. So either way, you're saving $$$.
  2. They come in glass/air-tight casings for a reason.. You have to use them up within 3 days. Max. This is mainly because of the 'nano' nature of the ingredients. Ingredients like oxygen and protein dissipates or breaks down upon exposure. So the fact that they dissipate quickly is both a pro and a con >.<
  3. They are bloody hard to find in physical shops. Unless you happen to live near a reputable hair care supplier, you'll have no choice but to shop for it online. Even online, it's quite hard to find. 
Currently, I'm using two by Sensation Professional Therapy Specialist.
They have quite a range so I only chose the 2 that I needed most.
Here's how tiny they are:

The first one is a moisturizing wash-out multi ampoule (pink). 
So you basically mix this in your conditioner or hair mask to get better results.
Obviously, you have to rinse it out after.
Mine's already on it's third use. 
You can tell that the ingredients are starting to dissipate even when in the bottle. (look at the walls of the bottle)

My second one the leave on ampoule (lavender). 
This is a miracle worker. 
Just pat it on your lackluster hair and you'll see immediate results.

This one is almost gone too. AND I'm on my second bottle!
Not surprising since I carry this in my bag where ever I go.
With the first bottle, I even stuffed the ends of my hair in the bottle to soak up every LAST drop of goodness! 
I know I'll do the same with this one too. Haha. 

Till next time my hair care lovers!
Reina Lum

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  1. Babe,can i know where do you buy those ampoules?im dying to know.